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Friendly competitions are a great way to share your photos, and receive constructive critiques to improve your photographic skills. In most cases, there are 3 levels of photographers:
- Beginner Photographers
- Intermediate Photographers and
- Advanced Photographers.

When you join TCC, you can specify into which Class you want to compete. You will advance in Class when you score an appropriate number of wins.
There are 5 divisions of competition and members may enter all divisions or only the one(s) that interest them. The 5 divisions include:
- Prints: color and monochrome, judged separately
- Digital Nature Images: color only, must show NO human element, including buildings, roads, cultivated plants, domestic animals
- Digital General Images: color only, MUST show the human element
- Digital Monochrome Images: black & white or black & white with one overall color tint
- Creative Digital: Obvious computer manipulation, color but may have some monochrome areas

Please check each division above for more details about entering requirements.

During the season there are 4 scheduled competitions in the print, digital nature and digital general divisions and 2 scheduled competitions in the digital monochrome and digital creative divisions. In each digital competition, members can enter up to 3 photos, either in the general category or in an assignment category. In each print competition, members can enter up to 4 photos, but only a maximum of 3 in color. Monochrome prints will not have an assignment category.
Please note that the camera club has the right to disqualify any photos deemed to be offensive.

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