Monochrome Prints
Class Beginner
1st Abandoned Farm House by Claudia Johnson

Class Intermediate
1st Beacon Of Light by Connie Ernske

Class Advanced
1st The Bench by Steve Bishop
2nd Wright Had It Right by Sharon Cummings
2nd Riding Antique Bicycle by Jim Hagan

Color Assignment - Keeping Time
Class Beginner
1st Train Time by Lerry Clapper
2nd Cape Cod Time by Carolyn Nagy
3rd A Clock's Jewels by Carolyn Nagy

Class Intermediate
1st Seth Thomas by Nancy Scott
2nd Hands of Time by Mickey Ross

Class Advanced
1st Quiet Time by Sharon Cummings
2nd Clock Tower of Chicago by Bob Meyer

Color Non-Assignment
Class Beginner
1st Swampboat by Michele Kipplen
2nd Spring Graveyard by Michele Kipplen

Class Intermediate
1st Say What? by Margaret Meehan
1st Test Of Time by Connie Ernske

Class Advanced
1st Redhead on Cedar by S Cummings
2nd Old Colorado Gold Mine by Terry Johnson
3rd Indian Run Falls by Cindy Buckley
3rd Dancing With Giants by Sharon Cummings
3rd Almost Morning by Cheryl Flory

Assignment - Photographers
Class Beginner
1st Videoing Kite Surfer by Tammy Seaman
2nd Photography On The Promenade by Tom Staff
3rd Photographer's Closeup by Carolyn Nagy
3rd Look At This by Bob Wendt
HM Smile by Sue Shull
HM Umbrella by Jerry Lohman
HM Young Photographer by Cheryl Weber
HM The Photographer by Tammy Seaman
HM On The Bridge by Margaret Meehan
HM Bird Photographers by Nancy Scott
HM Michael by Sarah Honan
HM Seeing City From Brooklyn by Sue Colvin

Class Intermediate
1st Low Tide Photographer by Sharon Cummings
2nd Those Crazy Photographers by Lou McLove
3rd Snowy Scene by Pat Healey


Assignment - Insects
Class Beginner
1st Snack Time by Carolyn Nagy
2nd Buzz by John Heslop
2nd Cicada Macro by Jerry Lohman
2nd Bcukeye by Tammy Seaman
2nd Wingsten Bee by Jerry Lohman

Class Intermediate
1st From Tobago by Pat Clinger
2nd Going For A Drink by Connie Ernske
2nd Blue Dasher by Nancy Scott

Class Advanced
1st Dianthus and LAcewing by Jim Hagan
2nd Dragonfly by Bob Meyer
2nd Polyester Bee by Matt Kowalski
2nd Grass Hopper by Matt Kowalski
3rd Green Darner by Sharon Cummings
3rd Cicada Wasp Killer by Jim Hagan

Class Beginner
1st Hocking Falls by John Heslop
2nd Masked Critter by Tammy Seaman
3rd Toucan Sam by John Heslop
HM I Said Get Off by Carolyn Nagy
HM Favorite Backyard Bird by Tammy Seaman

Class Intermediate
1st Looking Through The Falls by joe Jacoby
2nd Kenya Water Buck by Bob Wendt
2nd Bull Frog by Mike Kowalski
2nd Kenya Wild Dog Pups by Bob Wendt
3rd Little Blue by Mike Greene
3rd Iceberg At The Shore by Joe Jacoby
3rd Water Lily by Mike Kowalski

Class Advanced
1st Stormy Beach By Sharon Cummings
1st Atlantic Puffin with Nest Material by Cheryl Flory
2nd Orchard Oriole by Sharon Cummings
2nd Northern Gannet Pair by Cheryl Flory
3rd Alaska Range by Pat Healey
3rd Wood Duck On Log by Claudia Johnson
3rd Getting Ready For Takeoff by Bob Meyer
3rd Wild Fox at Evening by Cheryl Flory




Contest #1 Prints and Digital 2018-2019

Assignment - Candid Portrait
Class Beginner
1st Daydream Believe by Sarah Honan
2nd Interesting by Sue Shull
2nd Rain Man by John Heslop
3rd Greenhouse Gardener by Michele Kipplen
3rd Tuba Player by Tammy Seaman
3rd Elf Cat by John Heslop

Class Intermediate
1st Concentration by Margaret Meehan
1st Sitting Pretty by Connie Ernske
2nd Doing The Dance At School by Bob Wendt
2nd You Want What by Connie Ernske
3rd Face Painting by Lou McLove
3rd Massai Baby by Bob Wendt

Class Advanced
1st Mia and the Butterfly by Claudia Johnson
1st Lucy by Jim Hagan
2nd Parade Watching by Bob Meyer
2nd What Will It Be by Bob Meyer
3rd Amy And Charlotte by Steve Bishop
3rd Look by Tom Porter

Class Beginner
1st Rough Day by Cindy White
2nd Safe by Jerry Lohman
3rd Mother Nature by Mike Kowalski

Class Intermediate
1st The Long Walk by Margaret Meehan
1st Arch & Dome by Margaret Meehan
2nd Documenting The Catch by Lou McLove
2nd Clifton Mill by Cindy Buckley

Class Advanced
1st Ice Chimney With Climber by Joe Jacoby
2nd Cleveland Sunset by Joe Jacoby
2nd A Time To Rest by Matt Kowalski
3rd The Rookery by Sharon Cummings
3rd Stairway Down by Joe Jacoby

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Class Beginner
1st Sharing by Nancy Scott
1st Ship Shape by John Heslop
1st Bald Face Hornet by Pat Clinger
2nd Fast Break by Mike Kowalski
2nd Little Details bu Matt Kowalski
2nd Getting Ready by Sarah Honan
2ndThe Pagoda by Cindy Buckley
2nd Icelandic Church by Carolyn Nagy
2nd Stopping Power by Matt Kowalski

Class Intermediate
1st Dramatic Coastline by Joe Jacoby
2nd Down The Up Staircase by Sharon Cummings
2nd The Courthouse by Jim Hagan
2nd Stairwell by Andy Beavis
3rd Upper Falls by Tanjeer Wahab
HM Having Some Fun by Steve Bishop
HM Church With A Mt View by Joe Jacoby