Monochrome Prints
Class Beginner
1st Elegance And Grace by Cindy White
2nd Marblehead Lighthouse by J Heslop

Class Intermediate
1st Crazy Horse by Claudia Johnson
2nd Winter by Tanjeer Wahab

Class Advanced
1st What's Left Of The Gold Rush by Terry Johnson
2nd Mt. Rainier by Sharon Cummings

Color Assignment - Historic Ohio
Class Beginner
1st Fire! 1813 by Jerry Lohman
1st Canal Boat In Tow by John Heslop
2nd Bryan Courthouse by John Heslop
3rd Stan Hywet Hall by Sue Colvin
HM Historic Hostelry by Tom Staff
HM Marblehead Light by Carolyn Nagy
HM Resting Soldier Ft Meigs by Cheryl Weber
Standing Proud by Patty Lilly
HM Pres. Harding Home by Cheryl Weber
HM Fort Meigs Cabin & Tower by Larry Clapper

Class Intermediate
1st Clifton Mill 1802 by Cindy Buckley
2nd Laterman's Mill by Cindy Buckley
3rd Ghost Chair by Margaret Meehan

Classss Advanced
1st Buffalo Soldier by Lou McLove
2nd Battle of Lake Erie by Pat Healey
2nd Pres. Harding's Memorial by Steve Bishop

Color Non-Assignment
Class Beginner
1st Battle of the Bull by Cindy White
1st Senior Shoot by Steve Ross
2nd Sandhill Crane by Cindy White

Class Intermediate
1st Waiting His Turn by Claudia Johnson
1st Are You Even Listening by M Meehan
2nd Cincinnati Skyline by Mike Kowalski
3rd Enter Eden by Connie Ernske

Class Advanced
1st Totality Awesome by S Cummings
2nd Island Lady by Lou McLove
2nd Thurmond by Pat Healey
3rd Old Gold Mine by Terry Johnson

Assignment - Minimalisim
Class Beginner
1st Thermomter by Steve Ross
2nd Walnut Trees In Snow by Tanjeer Wahab
2nd Lamp Light by Nancy Scott
3rd Five Three One One by Linda Schultz
HM Empty by Sarah Honan
HM Aloha by Linda Schultz
HM Moon You See by Sue Colvin

Class Intermediate
1st Dune Top Viewer by Joe Jacoby
1st Four Goblets by Jim Hagan
2nd Cherry Vodka by Steve Bishop
2nd Tracks by Pat Healey
2nd Balanced Pear by Claudia Johnson


Assignment - Spacious Skies
Class Beginner
1st Where's The Pot Of Gold by Linda Schultz
1st Ohio Sunset by Steve Ross
1st Spacious Skies #2 by Sue Shull
2nd My Freinds Call This God Lighting by Sarah Honan
2nd Cape Cod Sky by Carolyn Nagy
3rd The Roiling Heavens by Sarah Honan
3rd Spacious Skies #3 by Sue Shull

Class Intermediate
1st Starry Starry Night by Matt Kowalski
2nd Clouds Over Lake Michigan by Tanjeer Wahab
2nd La Salle Beach Horizon by Cindy Buckley

Class Advanced
1st Shooting Star by Terry Johnson
1st Spacious Aurora by Sharon Cummings
2nd Banf by Pat Healey
2nd Clouds & Milky Way by Terry Johnson

Class Beginner
1st Hoo You Looking At by John Heslop
2nd Minimalist Gull by Steve Ross

Class Intermediate
1st Oh Happy Day! by Margaret Meehan
2nd Isabella Tiger by Cindy White
3rd Mountain River by Mike Greene
HM Focused by Bob Wendt
HM Osprey by Mike Green
HM Speaking Pet by Pat Clinger
HM American Kestrel by Mike Kowalski
HM No I Didn't Make A Wrong Turn by Matt Kowalski

Class Advanced
1st Red Head By S Cummings
2nd Couches Kingbird by Pat Healey
3rd Thats Gonna Leave A Mark by Cheryl Flory
3rd Singing Red Winged Balckbird by Bob Meyer
HM Partial Eclipse by Jim Hagan




Contest #1 Prints and Digital 2017-2018

Assignment - Stairs / Steps
Class Beginner
1st Steps Leading Home by Carolyn Nagy
1st Austrian Abbey Staircase by Linda Shultz
1st Sharp Corners by Mickey Ross
2nd Stairs 2 by Patty Lilly
2nd Hancock Stair by Steve Ross

Class Intermediate
1st Climb The Hall Of Judice by Connie Ernske
2nd Zig Zag by Margaret Meehan
2nd McGulpin Point Light by Cindy Buckley
2nd Beach Walk by Nancy Scott
2nd Go Green by Connie Ernske

Class Advanced
1st Spiral Reflection by Sharon Cummings
2nd The Fire Escape by Claudia Johnson
2nd Modern Mall by Jim Hagan

Class Beginner
1st Young And Limber by Steve Ross
2nd Irish Conductor by Carolyn Nagy
3rd Morning Reflections by Tom Staff
3rd Rosary Cathedral Wedding by Mike Kowalski
HM Budding Sunflower by Cindy White
HM Soft Haze Of Sunrise by Tom Staff

Class Intermediate
1st A Night In Mackinaw by Cindy Buckley
1st Portrait Toledo Botanical by Matt Kowalski
1st Winter Panoramic by Matt Kowalski
2nd Flying by Margaret Meehan
2nd On The Train by Bob Wendt
3rd Wild Man by Margaret Meehan

Class Advanced
1st Old Sam by Cheryl Flory
1st Way Up High Chicago by Sharon Cummings
2nd Bike Racer by Steve Bishop
2nd Maestro Napierla by Jim Hagan
2nd Gated Entryway by Joe Jacoby
3rd The Dancers by Pat Healey
3rd Forgotten Barn Treasure by Cheryl Flory
3rd I Dreamed I Could Fly by Andy Beavis

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Class Beginner
1st Tired by Bob Wendt
1st Arches of Fisher Dome by Cindt Buckley
2nd In The Roundhousse by Margaret Meehan
2nd Bahai Temple by Tanjeer Wahab
3rd One Eye by Bob Wendt
3rd Before School by Bob Wendt
HM Cat Lover by Carolyn Nagy
HM The Disagreement by Matt Kowalski
HM Colin At Play by Sue Colvin
HM Marquette Harbor Light by Cindy Buckley

Class Intermediate
1st Fort Wayne Racer by Steve Bishop
1st Making A Splash by Sharon Cummings
1st Foot Steps In Snow by Bob Meyer
1st Storm On Oahu by Jim Hagan
1st The Scribe by Sharon Cummings