Monochrome Prints
Class Beginners
1st She Is Everywhere He Looks by Steve Ross
2nd Sculptor by Michele Kipplen
Class Intermediate
1st The Cloud Gate by Tanjeer Wahab
Class Advanced
1st Empire State by Steve Bishop
2nd Sunlight ThroughTheTrees by S Cummings

Color Prints
- Domestic Animal(s)
Class Beginner
1st Angie's Formal Portrait by Steve Ross
2nd KC by Michele Kipplen
3rd Watching by Sue Colvin
HM Hog Heaven by Carolyn Nagy
HM Waiting For A Rider by Carolyn Nagy
Class Intermediate
1st Dinner For One by Mike Kowalski
2nd Enjoying a Beautiful Day by C Ernske
3rd I'm A Breakfast Person by Tanjer Wahab
HM Moves Like Jager by Connie Ernske
HM Best Friends by Cindy Buckley
Class Advance
1st Driving The Team by S Cummings
2nd The Cat Did It by Lou McLove

Class Beginner
1st Antique Wheel by Larry Clapper
2nd Clock Tower by Michele Kipplen
2nd Hand Of Man Meets Water by Steve Ross
Class Intermediate
1st Mountain View by Margaret Meehan
2nd Detroit Night by Cindy Buckley
2nd Glade Creek Grist Mill by cindy Buckley
Class Advanced
1st Silky Laces by S Cummings
1st Grane Jete by Lou McLove
2nd Second Beach by Sharon Cummings
2nd Deep In Thought by Lou McLove

Assignment - Water
Class Beginner
1st Little Falls by Michele Kipplen
2nd The Falls by Steve Ross
2nd Carmel By The Sea by Steve Ross
3rd Waterfall Drops by Carolyn Nagy
3rd Raindrop by Linda Schultz
3rd Amalfi Cove by Sue Colvin
3rd Wish I was There by Michele Kipplen
Class Intermediate
1stPacific Sunset by Joe Jacoby
2nd Twinkle Twinkle by Tanjeer Wahab
3rd The Lake by Margaret Meehan
3rd Sunset Sullivan Creek by Cindy Buckley
Class Advanced
1st Ice Droplets by Terry Johnson
2nd Pool of Color By Dolan Greene
3rd Pacific by Pat Healey

Class Beginner
1st Egret In Flight By Jerry Lohman
2nd Top Of Glacier NP by Charlene Kohlar
3rd Dragonfly by Linda Schultz
3rd Nene by Tammy Seaman
Class Intermediate
1st Balanced Rock By Joe Jacoby
2nd Finger Lickin Good by Cindy Buckley
3rd Where's My EPI Pen by Matt Kowalski
HM Eagle by Mike Kowalski
HM Peek A Boo by Margaret Meehan
HM Hungry Grebe by Mike Greene
HM Dropping In For Dinner by Cindy White
HM Just A Quick Dry Off by Matt Kowalski
Class Advance
1st Hurricane Ridge by Sharon Cummings
2nd Baby Mt Sheep by Dolan Greene
3rd Sand Dunes Driftwood by Jim Hagan
3rd Bee On Coneflower by Jim Hagan




Contest #2 Prints and Digital 2017-2018

Assignment - Abstracts
Class Beginner
1st Bubbles Of Lights by Carolyn Nagy
2nd Time Warp by Michele Kipplen
2nd Wine Glasses and Bottle by Steve Ross
3rd Looks Like Arches by Carolyn Nagy
Class Intermediate
1st Head of Wheat by Margaret Meehan
2nd Might Mac Abstract by Connie Ernske
3rd Paint by Sue Colvin
HM Pages by Tanjeer Wahab
HM Looking Up by Nancy Scott
Class Advance
1st Picasso's Dog by Sharon Cummings
2nd E Michigan University by Andy Beavis
3rd Reflection By Pat Healey

Class Beginner
1st Contrails At Dawn By Jerry Lohman
2nd Kite Sailing by Tammy Seaman
3rd The Other Side by Tom Staff
3rd Honolulu At Dusk by Jerry Lohman
HM Contrasting Colors by Linda Schultz
HM Autumn Sunrise by Tom Staff
Class Intermediate
1st Zoom By Margaret Meehan
1st Reflection Of A Rose by Matt Kowalski
2nd British Museum Patterns by Dolan Greene
3rd Goat Herder by Bob Wendt
HM Father and Son By Tanjeer Wahab
HM Natre Dame by Dolan Greene
Class Advance
1st Remembering Our Freedom by Steve Bishop
1st Hyacinth Bean by Pat Healey
2nd Vermilion Lighthouse by Mike Greene
3rd T Town Dawn by Sharon Cummings
3rd Time Piece by Cheryl Flory

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Assignment - Fantasy Landscape
Class Beginner
1st Waiting For The Ark by Mike Kowalski
2nd Secret Garden by Margaret Meehan
2nd New Look For Toledo by Steve Ross
3rd Fantasia by Connie Ernske

Class Intermediate
1st Entering Heaven by Steve Bishop
1st The Lost World by Steve Bishop

Class Beginner
1st Honey I Shrunk The Grandparents by Steve Roas
2nd Through The Looking Glass by Connie Ernske
3rd Practicing In The Basement by Steve Ross
Class Intermediate
1st Arabesque Penche On Water By S Cummings
1st The Lonely Zebra by Steve Bishop
2nd A Royal Flush by Jim Hagan
2nd Blue Rush by Jim Hagan