Monochrome Prints
Class Beginners
1st The Rapids by Jerry Lohman
1st ighthouse At Dawn by Sue Colvin

Class Advanced
1st Early Morning by Jim Hagan
1st Oriel Spiral by Sharon Cummings

Color Prints
-Show Motion
Class Beginner
1st St Joseph Lighthouse by John Heslop
2nd Waiting For A Train by Sue Colvin
3rd BGSU Header by Larry Clapper
3rd Leap of Faith by Jerry Lohman
3rd Tuskegee Air Man by Larry clapper
HM Grocery run by Sarah Honan

Class Intermediate
1st Outward Bound by Margaret Meehan
2nd Downhill by Steve Ross
2nd Pineapple Fountain by Cindy Buckley

Class Advance
1st High Speed Rick by Steve Bishop
2nd The No. 87 Bus by Steve Bishop
3rd Zooming By The Theater by S Cummings

Class Beginner
1st Young Dancer by Sue Colvin

Class Intermediate
1st Botney Bay Road by Cindy Buckley
2nd Chicago Board of Trade by Margaret Meehan

Class Advanced
1st Crown Fountin Skating by S Cummings
2nd Little Pigeon River by S Cummings
2nd Its A Different World by Lou McLove
3rd Busy by Pat Healey
3rd Day Is Done by Cheryl Flory

Assignment - Focus On Feet
Class Beginner
1st Hey Baby by Sarah Honan
2nd Pretty Pink Feet by Sue Colvin

Class Intermediate
1st Toes by Pat Clinger
2nd AHHH! by Margaret Meehan
2nd Just Feet by Cindy Buckley
2nd Baby Bear Paws by Nancy Scott

Class Advanced
1st Koala by Pat Healey
2nd What Big Feet You Have by Pat Healey
3rd Sphinx Feet by Sharon Cummings
HM Foot Waggle by Sharon Cummings

Class Beginner
1st Resting by Sarah Honan
2nd What by Sarah Honan
3rd The Heart by Carolyn Nagy

Class Intermediate
1st The Flute Palyer by Margaret Meehan
2nd Wildebeest In Shade by Bob Wendt
3rd Solitary Sandpiper by Mike Greene
HM Honey Run Falls by Cindy Buckley
HM Yellow Crowned Night Heron by Mike Greene
HM True Mossy Oak by Cindy Buckley

Class Advance
1st Breach For Joy by Cheryl Flory
2nd Wanaka Tree by Joe Jacoby
3rd Wild Fox Kit by Cheryl Flory
3rd Curious Seal by Bob Meyer
HM Sea Stack In Evening Light bySCummings
HM Uluru at Sunset by Joe Jacoby
HM Chin Up Mr. Pelican by Steve Bishop
HM White Ibis by Jim Hagan




Contest #2 Prints and Digital 2018-2019

Assignment - Street Corner
Class Beginner
1st Shop & Save by Sarah Honan
1st Below the Corner by Sarah Honan
2nd Conant At Dudley by Jerry Lohman
3rd Cherry At Summit by Jerry Lohman

Class Intermediate
1st Shopping Day by Lou McLove
2nd Rush Hour by Margaret Meehan
3rd Dr. Who Calling by Connie Ernske
3rd Music on Corner of Greenwich by Sue Colvin

Class Advance
1st Wells & Lake Sts by Sharon Cummings
2nd Evening In Prague by Pat Healey
3rd Newfoundland Corner by Cheryl Flory
HM Snowy Selfi by Bob Meyer

Class Beginner
1st Spinning A Yarn by Tom Staff
2nd Balloon Festival by Mike Kowalski
3rd Step By Step by John Heslop
3rd Florence Aftermath by Tammy Seaman
3rd Splinter by John Heslop

Class Intermediate
1st Bartons Dam by Cindy Buckley
2nd Missed Sack by Dolan Greene
2nd At The Market by Bob Wendt
2nd Patterns Of Religion by Dolan Greene

Class Advance
1st Low Tide by Pat Healey
2nd My Bleeding Hearts by S Cummings
2nd Smack It by Mike Greene
3rd Sleeping Beauty by Claudia Johnson
3rd Time To Lock Up by Sharon Cummings

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Assignment - Movie Poster
Class Beginner
1st Swamp Dog by cheryl Weber

Class Intermediate
1st Ice Queen by Claudia Johnson
2nd Harry Potter & the Curse of Middle Age by Mike Kowalski
3rd Mrs. Doubtfire by Mike Kowalski

Class Beginner
1st Symmetry by Pat Healey
2nd Down by Margaret Meehan

Class Intermediate
1st Blue Moon Sent by Sharon Cummings
2nd Empty Mausoleum by Jim Hagan
3rd The Long Walk by Steve Bishop
3rd The Last Tree by Steve Bishop