Assignment - Curve
Class Beginner
Ramshorn by Jerry Lohman
2nd Weathered Wood by Linda Schultz
2nd The Other Side by Tom Staff
3rd Boardwalk by Michele Kipplen
3rd Displaying Egret by Nancy Scott
3rd Petal by Sarah Honan
HM Ripple by Steve Ross
HM Glowing Glass by Linda Schutz
HM Downtown Toledo Curves by Cindy Buckley
HM Curved by Matt Kowalski
HMTurn Turn Turn by John Heslop
HM Bridge No. 2 by Nancy Scott

Class Intermediate
1st Shy Attraction by Steve Bishop
1st Beach Chairs by Pat Healey
1st Chartre Cathedral by Dolan Greene
1st Snow Covered Boardwalk by Lou McLove
1st Unfurling by Claudia Johnson
1st Repetition by Tom Porter
1st Under The Bench by Sharon Cummings

Monochrome - Non-Assignment
Class Beginners
1st Arctic Wolf by Cindy White
2nd Reggie by Jerry Lohman
3rd Winter On River by Steve Ross
1st Back At The Cabin by Cindy Buckley
Class Advance
1st Passing Storm by Sharon Cummings
2nd Abandoned RR Bridge InFog by Terry Johnson
2nd Engineer Pass by Jim Hagasn
2nd Storm On The Dunes by Jim Hagan

Assignment Color - Pattern or Texture
Class Beginner
1st 7 Color Balloon by Jerry Lohman
2nd Plot Twist by Sarah Honan
3rd Paint Supplies by Michele Kipplen
3rd Paternus Interuptus by Jerry Lohman
HM MacArthur Bridge by Cindy White
Class Intermediate
1st Balloon Glow by Claudia Johnson
1st Aging Texture by Cindy Buckley
3rd Golden Sunflower by Steve Bishop
Class Advance
1st View From Behind by Steve Bishop
2nd Ridges & Valleys by Sharon Cummings
3rd Rust by Tom Porter

Non-Assignment Color
Class Beginner
1st Lily Pads by Steve Ross
Class Intermediate
1st Starlight Barn by Claudia Johnson
3rd Mountain Cascade by Margaret Meehan
Class Advance
1st A Tasty Snack by Lou McLove
1st Is That Lunch I See by Cheryl Flory
2nd 486 In Silverton by Terry Johnson
2nd Gliding Along by Sharon Cummings
2nd Turket Vulture by Tom Porter
2nd Antique Christmas Silerware by C Flory
2nd Go With The Flow by Lou McLove

Assignment - Little Things
Class Beginner
1st Floating Along by Sue Colvin
2nd Beetle Banquet by Linda Schultz
3rd Painted Turtle by Mickey Ross
3rd Going For Lunch by Carolyn Nagy
3rd I'm Hiding by Sue Shull
3rd Fine Feathered Friend by Sarah Honan
3rd Still Hanging On by John Heslop
3rd E. Tiger Swallowtail by Jerry Lohman
Class Intermediate
1st Cardinal by Tanjeer Wahab
2nd Downy by Margaret Meehan
2nd Jabba The Hut by Tanjeer Wahab
3rd Break Time by Connie Ernske
Class Advance
1st Curious by Pat Healey
2nd Pyrrhuloxia by Pat Healey
3rd Izz Looking At You by Terry Johnson
3rd Munchin on Seed Pods by Steve Bishop
HM Cuddle Baby by Sharon Cummings
HM Resting In The Pines by Claudia Johnson
HM Male Carpenter Bee by Cheryl Flory

Class Beginner
1st Seals At La Jolla by Tammy Seaman
1st Another Pretty Face by Steve Ross
2nd Galapogos Hawk by Carolyn Nagy
3rd On The Move by Mickey Ross

Class Intermediate
1st Canyon Wren by Margaret Meehan
1st Hyena Den by Bob Wendt
1st Looking Up by Matt Kowalskit
2nd Itchy Crane by Mike Greene
3rd The Stork by Mike Greene
3rd Pink Lady Slipper by Nancy Scott
3rd Early Morning Wake Up by Bob Wendt

Class Advance
1st Springtime Oriole by Cheryl Flory
2nd Feed Me Now! by Sharon Cummings
3rd Prairie Coneflowers by Bob Meyer
3rd Common Merganser by Tom Porter
3rd My Better Side by Steve Bishop
3rd Alpine Flowers by Jim Hagan




Contest #3 Prints and Digital 2017-2018

Assignment - Mirror
Class Beginner
1st Looking Good by Linda Schultz
2nd Cat In The Mirror by Jerry Lohman
3rd Ice Sand Sea Sky Mirror by Sarah Honan
3rd Flowers and Mirror by Mickey Ross
3rd Golden Globe by Sarah Honan
3rd Sunset by Stee Rossr

Class Intermediate
1st Candle Lights by Nancy Scott
2nd Beautiful Mirrored Reflection by Sue Colvin
3rd Statue In Mirror by Sue Colvin

Class Advance
1st Pretty Bird by S Cummings
2nd Fall Reflection by Steve Bishop

Class Beginner
1st Sunrise On River by Tom Staff
2nd Warehouse Row by Carolyn Nagy
3rd Zoo Lights by Linda Schultz
HM Its Electric by John Heslop
HM Up Close & Personal by Tammy Seaman
HM I Bet I Can Get Him Up by Pat Clinger
HM Not Very Pretty by Carolyn Nagy

Class Intermediate
1st Sweet Nectar by Connie Ernske
2nd Marquette Ore Dock by Cindy Buckley
3rd Sweet William by Terry Johnson
3rd Evening Falls by Matt Kowalski
HM Subtlety of Daisies by Tanjeer Wahab
HM Pink by Matt Kowalski
HM Fishing Net by Bob Wendt

Class Advance
1st Maestro Song by Jim Hagan
2nd Day At The Rodeo by Bob Meyer
2nd Look Above The Clouds by Joe Jacoby
3rd Amish Evening by Mike Greene
3rd Old Weathered Barn by Claudia Johnson
3rd Scott's Fountain by Sharon Cummings
3rd Cleveland Skyline by Joe Jacoby

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1st House In The Fog By Susan Shull
2nd Eight String Strummer By Mike Greene
2nd Sierra Mountains By Dolan Greene
2nd The Mad Hatter By S Cummings
2nd Weathered Old Tree By Cheryl Flory
3rd Laughing By Kim Kocinski
HM Drumline By Steve Overholser
HM Little River Steam Engine By Jim Hagan
HM Shipwreck By Kim Kocinski
Class Beginner
1st Eyes by Matt Kowalski
1st Pelican Portrait by Cindy White
2nd Whispers of the Past by Tom Staff
2nd Rosary Cathedral by Jerry Lohman
3rd Blind Man by Tanjeer Wahab
3rd Soulful Window by Cindy White
3rd After The Storm by Tanjeer Wahab

Class Intermediate
1st Ruby Beach by Sharon Cummings
2nd Weathered Tree by Joe Jacoby
2nd Foggy Coast by Joe Jacoby
3rd Hawkeye by Mike Greene
3rd Scottish Moors by Tom Porter
3rd Devils Tower & Climber by Claudia Johnson
3rd Meet The Tree Huggers by S Cummings