Assignment - Close Up Of Machine
Class Beginner
Watch Works by Jerry Lohman
2nd Gear Up by John Heslop
3rd Close Shave by John Heslop
HM Time by Sue Shull
HM Rolls Royce by Pat Clinger
HM Dad's Lionel by Sarah Honan
HM Hi-Fi by Sarah Honan

Class Intermediate
1st Old Printing Press by Steve Bishop
1st Pressure Foot by Sharon Cummings
2nd Vintage Fan by Bob Meyer
2nd Motoman by Pat Healey

Monochrome - Non-Assignment
Class Beginners
1st One Love by Sarah Honan
1st Egg Fork Mirror by Steve Ross
Class Advance
1st Military Woman by Lou McLove
2nd Winter in Yellowatone by Terry Johnson
2nd Whitney Big House by Jim Hagan

Assignment Color - County Fair
Class Beginner
1st Child's Delight by Sue Colvin
Class Intermediate
1st The Red Gingham Gang by Margaret Meehan
2nd Show Day by Cindy White
2nd Horse Whisperer by Pat Clinger
Class Advance
1st A Happy Winner by bob Meyer
1st Sharp Turn by Sharon Cummings
1st Fairground Attraction by Steve Bishop

Non-Assignment Color
Class Beginner
1st BGSU For Two by Larry Clapper
2nd Skyway by Jerry Lohman
2nd Viiolet by Sarah Honan
2nd Golden by Jerry Lohman
Class Intermediate
1st Carving A Turn by Steve Ross
2nd Magic Mac by Cindy White
2nd Bird in Gourd by Mickey Ross
Class Advance
1st Dream Boat Abandoned by Steve Bishop
2nd Eyes Wide Shut by Sharon Cummings
3rd Northern Flicker by S Cummings
HM Mammoth Hot Springs by Terry Johnson
HM Santeria Disciple by Pat Healey

Assignment - Year of the Bird
Class Beginner
1st House Wren by Jerry Lohman
1st A Drop To Drink by Sarah Honan
2nd Macaw by John Heslop
3rd Daisy Snack by Carolyn Nagy
3rd Takeoff by John Heslop

Class Intermediate
1st Lighter Than Air by Magaret Meehan
2nd Prothonotary Warbler by Cindy White
3rd A Slight Dispute by Margarte Meehan
HM White Wizard by Connie Ernske
HM Cape May Warbler by Cindy White
HM Snowy Egret by Mike Greene

Class Advance
1st Bully Boy by Sharon Cummings
1st Point of Contact by S Cummings
2nd Inspecting the Lay of the Land by Cheryl Flory
3rd Bluebird in Redbud by Claudia Johnson
3rd Blue Jay Profile by Steve Bishop
3rd Eagle's Eyes by Claudia Johnson

Class Beginner
1st Nature's Design by Carolyn Nagy
1st Another Pretty Face by Steve Ross
2nd Madagascar Tree Boa by Jerry Lohman

Class Intermediate
1st Well Camoflaged Spider by Joe Jacoby
2nd Chicory by Cindy White
3rd Pancake Rocks at Sunset by Joe Jacoby

Class Advance
1st Out For A Strollby Cheryl Flory
2ndPreying Mantis by Matt Kowalski
2nd Misty Web & Spider by Bob Meyer
3rd Eye of the Moth by Cheryl Flory
HM Mayfly by Matt Kowalski




Contest #3 Prints and Digital 2018-2019

Assignment - Contrast Old & New
Class Beginner
1st Time After Time by John Heslop
2nd Three Cameras by Mickey Ross
2nd Street Corner by Michele Kipplen
3rd Funk & Wagnalls Then and Now by Sarah Honan

Class Intermediate
1st Sharing The Road by Lou McLove
2nd New York Old & New Bldgs by Sue Colvin
2nd Old and New Boats by Sue Colvin

Class Advance
1st Nun & Smart Phone by Pat Healey
2nd Hamilton's Reserve by S Cummings
3rd Dog Fight by Steve Bishop

Class Beginner
1st Flower Girl by Cindy White
1st Tennis by John Heslop
2nd Hands by Tom Staff
2nd Citrus by Sarah Honan
2nd In It To Win It by Cindy White
3rd Cliff Diver Rescue by Tammy Seaman
3rd Hotel Royal by Jerry Lohman

Class Intermediate
1st Balloon Ride Smokey Valley by Sue Colvin
2nd Angles by Margaret Meehan
3rd Detroit Skyline by Cindy Buckley
HM Weavers on the Hand Loom by Bob Wendt
HM Wrong Turn by Connie Ernske
HM Keeping Him Safe by Bob Wendt

Class Advance
1st Boys Playing Soccer by Jim Hagan
2nd Boats on Milford Sound by Joe Jacoby
2nd Cavern Cascade by Jim Hagan
3rd Quadracii Pavillion by S Cummings
HM Two in the Hand by Cheryl Flory
HMFinal Touches by Matt Kowalski

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1st House In The Fog By Susan Shull
2nd Eight String Strummer By Mike Greene
2nd Sierra Mountains By Dolan Greene
2nd The Mad Hatter By S Cummings
2nd Weathered Old Tree By Cheryl Flory
3rd Laughing By Kim Kocinski
HM Drumline By Steve Overholser
HM Little River Steam Engine By Jim Hagan
HM Shipwreck By Kim Kocinski
Class Beginner
1st DJ by Sarah Honan
2nd Window in Croatia by Carolyn Nagy
3rd Entryway by Michele Kipplen
3rd Storms a Comin' by Cindy White
3rd Dead Tree by Jerry Lohman
HM Waiting in the Temple by Bob Wendt
HM Feeling The Sand by Sue Colvin
HM Zig Zag Stairs by Cindy Buckley

Class Intermediate
1st The Writing Desk by Sharon Cummings
1st Tulip by Sharon Cummings
2nd Ever Watchful by Claudia Johnson
3rd The Occulus by Tanjeer Wahab
3rd Girl In The Black Hat by Claudia Johnson
HM Ranger by Lou McLove
HMLighthouse Stairwell by Jim Hagan