Monochrome - No Assignment
Class - Beginner
1st 80 Years by Sarah Honan
1st High Flight by Jerry Lohman

Class - Intermediate
1st Winter's End by Cindy White
2nd Cork Screw by Steve Ross

Class - Advanced
1st Coastal Norway by Jim Hagan
2nd Dancer by Lou McLove
2nd NY Fire Escapes by Steve Bishop

Assignment Color - After Dark
Class - Beginner
1st Toledo Gov't Building by Sue Colvin
2nd Fireworks by Steve Ross
3rd Detroit by John Heslop

Class - Intermediate
1st Chicago Skyline by Margaret Meehan

Class - Assignment
1st Old But Regal by Jim Hagan
2nd Brise Soleil at Night by S Cummings
2nd NY at Night by Steve Bishop

Non-Assignment Color
Class - Beginner
1st Can The Day Get Worse by Steve Ross
2nd Reflectons by Steve Ross

Class - Intermediate
1st Anemones by Margaret Meehan
2nd Stormy Day Lighthouse by Cindy White
2nd Woodland Stream by Cindy White

Class - Advanced
1st The Bluebird by Steve Bishop
2nd Watching And Waiting by Lou McLove
3rd Greater Kiskadee by Sharon Cummings

Assignment - Groups of 3 or more
Class - Beginner
1st Mama, We're Hungry by Sue Colvin
2nd Looking For Food by Carolyn Nagy

Class - Intermediate
1st Afternoon Nap by Connie Ernske
2nd On The Wing by Margaret Meehan
3rd Plenny Of Fish by Pat Clinger
HM Forest Floor by Nancy Scott
HM You See What I See by Connie Ernske

Class - Advanced
1st Pond Bullies by Claudia Johnson
2nd Nap Time by Pat Healey
3rd Uno Dos Tres by Claudia Johnson
2nd The Fab Four by Cheryl Flory

Class - Beginner
1st Hawaiian Coot by Tammy Seaman
2nd Goose Dispute by Jerry Lohman

Class - Intermediate
1st He Did Get Away by Bob Wendt
2nd Whistling Kite Landing by Joe Jacoby
2nd Eagle Tete-a-tete by Margaret Meehan
3rd Australian Magpie by Joe Jacoby
HM Need Coffee by Cindy White
HM Mocking Bird by Cindy White

Class - Advanced
1st Snowy Take Off by Bob Meyer
2nd Jumping For Joy by Steve Bishop
3rd Smoke On The Mountains by S Cummings
3rd Morning Grooming by Claudia Johnson
HM Oriole Tiff by Sharon Cummings
HM Capitol Reef by Tom Porter


1st Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud by Cindy White
2nd Reflexation of Time by Connie Ernske
3rd Winter Song by Margaret Meehan
3rd Out Of The Dust by Pat Clinger
HM Pup Of A Different Color by Connie Ernske

1st Drifting Towards Dawn by Claudia Johnson
2nd The Barn Dance by Jim Hagan
3rd Chugging Along by Sharon Cummings




Contest #4 Prints and Digital 2018-2019

Assignment - Bad Weather
Class - Beginner
1st The Lights Out by Jerry Lohman
2nd Incoming Storm Marblehead Light by Michele Kipplen
3rd Bad Or Not So Bad by Michele Kipplen
HM The Calm Before by Jerry Lohman

Class - Intermediate
1st Storm Moving In by Sue Colvin
2nd Foggy Orchard by Lou McLove

Class - Advanced
1st Power Station Storm by Steve Bishop
2nd Hang On Sloopy by Sharon Cummings
2nd Storm Nears Old Mining Site by Jim Hagan

Class - Beginner
1st Rooftop Ballet by Cindy White
2nd The Strawberry by Steve Ross
3rd Swinging Monkey by Cheryl Weber
HM Snowy Twilight by Tom Staff
HM Kiss At Sunset by Mike Kowalski

Class - Intermediate
1st Looking Into The Light by Cindy Buckley
2nd Dancer At Rest by Lou McLove
3rd Ibiza Street Artist by Lou McLove
HM Splash Of Tranquility by Connie Ernske
HM Morning Kolam by Bob Wendt
HM Waterfront Business by Carolyn Nagy

Class - Advanced
1st South Haven In Winter by Claudia Johnson
2nd Wood Is Good by Bob Meyer
3rd The Gentleman by Pat Healey
3rd Watch Your Step by Jim Hagan
3rd Snuggled by Claudia Johnson
HM Making Amends by Sharon Cummigs
HM On The Post by bob Meyer
HMThge Doorway by Pat Healey

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Assignment - Combine 2 or More Seasons
1st Starlight Magic by Margaret Meehan

1st California Dreaming by Claudia Johnson