Monochrome - No Assignment
Class - Beginner
1st Classical Music by Larry Clapper
Class - Intermediate
1st Horseshoe Falls by Cindy Buckley
1st The Old Barn by Tanjeer Wahab
Class - Advanced
1st Letchworth Upper Falls by Jim Hagan
2nd Old Missin by Lou McLove
2nd Light Of The Moon by Sharon Cummings

Assignment Color - Tombstones
Class - Beginner
1st The Family by Jerry Lohman
1st Night Light by Jerry Lohman
2nd Forgotten by Sue Shull
2nd Serenity by Carolyn Nagy
Class - Intermediate
1st Sentries by Nancy Scott
2nd No Forgotten by Claudia Johnson
Class - Assignment
1st SnowCovered Tombstones byBob Meyer
2nd Old Stones Early Death by Steve Bishop
3rd Guardian Angel by Steve Bishop

Non-Assignment Color
Class - Beginner
1st Sunrise On Big Lake by Cindy White
2nd On Toe by Cindy White
2nd Strawberry Splash by Steve Ross
Class - Intermediate
1st Lunch At Lavender's by Connie Ernske
2nd Over The Rainbow by Tanjeer Wahab
3rd Mission Doorway by Margaret Meehan
3rd Pretty In Pink by Connie Ernske
Class - Advanced
1st Storm Nears Red Mt by Jim Hagan
2nd Bluebirds & Bergamot by Sharon Cummings
2nd Haleakala Crater by Tom Porter
2nd Glare of an Eagle by Cheryl Flory
2nd Lost In The Forest by S Cummings
2nd Brown Pelican by Lou McLove

Assignment - Autumn
Class - Beginner
1st Fall In The Field by Sarah Honan
2nd Out Of The Mist by Jerry Lohman
3rd Warmth Of The Sun by Carolyn Nagy
3rd Autumn Yearling by Jerry Lohman
HM Finland Stream by Carolyn Nagy
HM Wet Leaf With Wiggler by Sarah Honan
HM Juxtaposition by Jerry Lohman
Class - Intermediate
1st Autumn West Virginia by Tnajeer Wahab
2nd Smoky Mt Morning by Margaret Meehan
3rd Halfway There by Tanjeer Wahab
Class - Advanced
1st Autumn Goodies by Sharon Cummings
2nd Autumn Larch on Display by Bob Meyer
3rd Autumn Glow by Claudia Johnson

Class - Beginner
1st Fall Spectacular by Charlene Kolar
2nd Sponge Bath Time by Tammy Seaman
2nd Butterflius Photographicus by Linda Schultz
Class - Intermediate
1st Ant by Matt Kowalski
1st Stinky Stink Bug by Matt Kowalski
2nd Is It Safe To Come Out by Mike Kowalski
3rd I Eurasian Eagle Owl by Cindy White
3rd Violet Backed Starling by Mike Kowalski
3rd Green Honey Creeper by Tanjeer Wahab
HM Snack Time By Bob Wendt
HM Ssssay Hello by Cindy White
Class - Advanced
1st Oncoming Storm by Jim Hagan
2nd Water Wars by Sharon Cummings
2nd Haleakala Crater 002 by Tom Porter
2nd Evening Surf by Tom Porter
3rd Meadowhawk Dragonfly by C. Johnson
HM Mold On Fairy Bonnets by S. Cummings
HM Dogwood Blossom by Pat Healey
HM Spring Warbler by Cheryl Flory
HM Shrimp For Dinner by Jim Hagan


1st Peace Sign Bokeh by Linda Schultz
2nd Heart Of It All by Connie Ernske
3rd Drip Drip by Michele Kipplen
HM Afircan Violets by Margaret Meehan
HM Stepping Bck In Time by Tom Staff
HM Splish Splash by Michele Kipplen

1st Underground Goblins by Sharon Cummings
1st Bon Voyage by Jim Hagan
1st Gunslinger by Sharon Cummings




Contest #4 Prints and Digital 2017-2018

Assignment - Fruit
Class - Beginner
1st Too Many Varieties by Michele Kipplen
1st Market Day by Michele Kipplen
2nd The Other by Jerry Lohman
3rd Apples by Mike Kowalski
Class - Intermediate
1st Blueberry Macro by Matt Kowalski
2nd Bluebery on Nectarine by Matt Kowalski
3rd Dragon Fruit by Nancy Scott
HM Bouquet With Pers by Margaret Meehan
Class - Advanced
1st Drinking Alone by Steve Bishop
1st Tarnish & Blueberries by Claudia Johnson
2nd Peachy by Pat Healey
2nd Mango by Andy Beavis
2nd Basically Lemon Lime by C. Johnson

Class - Beginner
1st Hidden In The Reeds by Carolyn Nagy
2nd Good Morning by Cindy White
3rd Waterway In Ireland by Carolyn Nagy
3rd Today's Lette Is H by Cindy White
HM Fire Breathing Dragon by Michele Ross
HM Kiss At Sunset by Mike Kowalski
Class - Intermediate
1st Notre Dame by Dolan Greene
2nd Hot And Tired by Bob Wendt
2nd Waiting Patiently by Bob Wendt
3rd Lone Piper by Lou McLove
HM Venus Bee Trap by Connie Ernske
HM Tasty School Snack by Bob Wendt
HM Reflections On Lake Marmo by Tanjeer Wahab
Class - Advanced
1st Downhill Racer by Pat Healey
1st Sweet Slumber by Claudia Johnson
1st Delicate Tulips by Sharon Cummings
1st Old Workbench by Jim Hagan
1st Mother And Son by Cheryl Flory
1stSwoosh 2 by Sharon Cummings

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Assignment - It Shouldn't Be There
1st Gorgeous by Mike Kowalski
1st Yeah-I'm Cinderella by Linda Schultz
1st You Came To the Wrong Field by Mike Kowalski

1st When Dreams Come True by Claudia Johnson
2nd Umm Dad, You Better Come See This by Matt Kowalski
3rd New Planet Rising by Steve Bishop